Mount Sina Ecolodge

Mount Sina Ecolodge

mount sina ecolodge
Built from rocks in the area and constructed by local bedouin workers this place is perfect to learn about bedouin culture and discover the nature.

The Mount Sinai Ecolodge in South Sinai, Egypt is part of the Sheikh Sina project. It is a perfect start or finish point for some of the Sheikh Sina treks.


Sheikh Sina was founded by an EU funded initiative that equips Bedouin guides with the management, first aid and language skills necessary to lead mountain tourism operations in South Sinai and give hikers a rewarding and safe hiking experience. The initiative is also assisting in the building several ecolodges in the region.


Ecologically sustainable place.
No electricity, instead solar lights and candles.
Simple and comfortable rooms (double, triple).
Camping sites.
Communal eco-friendly toilet and shower area.
Communal arisha and restaurant.
Bedouin food and hospitality.


The Ecolodge is the perfect base

To experience Mount Sinai on a sunset, sunrise or day hike
A good base to climb Gabal Katrina
Start or finish point of various treks offered through Sheikh Sina
Place to learn about bedouin culture
Place to relax, retreat, enjoy life

* Relax, hike and enjoy great bedouin food and hospitality.