PROCTER AND GAMBLE ( House Hero Advertising Campaign )

PROCTER AND GAMBLE ( House Hero Advertising Campaign )

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Every day, Procter & Gamble’s brands enter nine out of 10 homes in Egypt, with the enthusiastic aim of improving people’s lives. Through a passionate commitment to provide superior products of value, and an excellent workforce constantly guided by the Company’s global Purpose, Values and Principles, Procter & Gamble carries out its mission of Touching Lives, Improving Life for consumers all around Egypt.




Pantene, launched in Egypt in 1995, is a shampoo designed to achieve healthy, beautiful hair. Its new and advanced formula with Amino Pro-Vitamin Complex brings hair to its fullest potential. Amino acids make up to 90 percent of the hair. Over time, everyday activities such as brushing, blow-drying and even exposure to pollution and sunlight can deplete hair of these Aminos acids. The Pantene Amino Pro-Vitamin formula puts back what life takes out, giving hair the strength and flexibility it needs, leaving it healthy and beautiful.



Camay is one of P&G’s most global brands — sold in more than 60 countries. It was P&G Egypt’s first brand, launched in 1986. Camay is a collection of soaps inspired by superior French fragrances that inspire a woman to reveal the multiple facets of her femininity and multiply her allure. Over the past years, the brand has built significant awareness, activity, equity, consumer value and shares. In the minds of Egyptian consumers, Camay has been a leading brand for years; it stands for innovation, confidence and French fragrances.



Head & Shoulders

Caring About Your Look & Beauty

Head & Shoulders is one of the company billion-dollar brands globally. Launched in Egypt in 1992, it has become the leading anti-dandruff shampoo in the country, standing for dandruff removal in the minds of Egyptians today. Working at the scalp level to remove dandruff where it starts, Head & Shoulders is a 2-in-1 shampoo that not only removes 100 percent of dandruff, but also keeps hair beautiful. The product offering grew through the years, starting with the Classic Clean variant to later include the Menthol, Smooth & Silky, Natural Fresh and Soothing Care variants, offering something for everyone.






As a trusted leader in oral health, Crest helps consumers maintain healthy, beautiful smiles for life.

Crest is committed to building on its history of developing innovative oral care products that meet the needs of consumers around the world.

Since Crest introduced the first fluoride toothpaste proven effective in 1955, it is estimated that Crest has helped prevent more than half a billion cavities in the United States alone. Crest also was the first toothpaste to secure the ADA Seal of Acceptance.

In 2005, with the acquisition of The Gillette Company by P&G, the iconic Crest and Oral-B brands were united underneath the umbrella of P&G Oral Care. The union places P&G Oral Care as the market leader by two times the nearest competitor and as the only major oral care company with a breadth of products across every category: toothpaste, toothbrushes, whitening, rinse, denture and floss.



The Oral-B

brands have become the worldwide leader in both the manual and power toothbrush markets. The Oral-B brand includes power toothbrushes for adults and children, dental floss and interdental products, such as irrigators and oral-care centers.

Oral-B toothbrushes are used by more dentists and consumers than any other brand in the U.S. and in many international markets.

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No sign of visible grease, even in hard to reach places.

The family’s Miracle against grease. Fairy Likes to win and does so with charm. Cheerful, has finesse and an edge of humor.


Delivers shine on metal and glass items. Lasts longer than any other competitor. Large variety of top rated scents. Ease of use throughout the process. Is mild on hands.


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gjpg23 gjpg24Pampers

Caring About Your Family

Pampers is the biggest P&G brand worldwide and the world’s leading disposable diaper since its launch in 1961. It was launched in Egypt in 1992, and since then it has become the number-one local diapering brand with around 70 percent market share, and is the clear symbol of quality and dedication to babies’ development. With a huge investment exceeding 250 million pounds, Pampers has served more than 5 million babies since its launch in Egypt, not only through providing the best diapers on the market, but also through leading and providing positive contributions to the mother and babies awareness campaigns all over Egypt. An example of an educational program run by Pampers is the Hospital Program, covering more than 250,000 mothers annually with educational material about taking care of their babies, in addition to radio, TV and press campaigns with tips about baby development.



Model: Marwa Malyka Clark.

Fashion Stylist: Ahmed Abdulah.
Hair Stylist: Mazen Abd El-Razek.
Makeup Artist: Amna El Hitami.

Art Direction and Photography: M.Fakhry El Tabbakh

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