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Computer World Series

is and integrated computer series based on ICDL (International computer driving license program). Its deals with all the different stages. Its target is to explain the computer as it is the language of our world but in very simple, well organized and good established techniques. The series uses windows XP version that matches the latest in our school computer labs.

Appropriate approaches are used in KG book through coloring, matching, tracing and drawing.

The books represents easy step by step explanation accompanied with screen shots in each lesson and each unit is followed by appropriate exercises. This is in addition to the information recycling which is used through revisions presented in each level. More over, there are lessons’ and time which are prepared to suit the school time tables for the academic year. This is all beside the big posters for the early stages. this will help the teachers to make pupils share with each others.


Maths Challenge Series

This series consists of six books for KG stage. The series introduces the pupils gradually to the concept of maths through thinking, guessing  and observing.


My Pattern and Sequence

is an introduction to the whole series at this stage the child is learning to hold the pencil and draw different kinds of lines and curves. also, the book helps to develop concentration skills in spot the difference activities, teaching them to differentiate between ” longer – shorted”, “bigger than smaller”, heavier – lighter”, more over, it helps to develop the ability to place things in categories and also to spot the odd one out in the category. the pupils can then relate things to each other and begin to understand the outer environment.


My Numbers Book

Teaches the numbers form 1-20 through a variety of simple activities. it is full of pictures and amusing illustrations. more over, the numbers are introduced through varies objects or animals in order to help the pupils to remember the number easily.

My Shapes Book

Introduces the shapes that suite their age. it introduces shapes with straight and curved lined using variety of exercises and linking the shapes to real objects, helping them to think and concentrate well.

the other 3 books that follow are numbers book which teaches the numbers from 1-100, revising the 1st 2 numbers then moving to the rest numbers using a variety of activities and more amusing and eye catching pictures to engage the pupils.


The Shapes Book

which introduces both 2D an 3D shapes as well as the clock and estimation. This is along with other items form a sound bases for the later stages.
The addition and subtraction Book

Contains a variety of activities on addition, subtraction, counting and so on. This book teaches the pupils to calculate and begin to be proficient with numbers, following on from and consolidating the previous books in the series.